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Геннадий Добров
Artist Gennady Dobrov
(1937 - 2011)

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Аrtistic biography
1. Preface
2. Childhood
3. The artist in his own words
4. Moscow Secondary Art School (1951-1956)
5. Moscow V.I.Surikov Art Institute (1956-1962)
6. Life lessons (1962-1973)
7. The artist in his wife’s words
8. "Autographs of  War" (1974-1980)
9. The author’s point of view
10. The musings of the artist’s wife
11. Opinions

12. Painting (1980)
13. Perestroika (1986-1990)
14. The 90’s
15. Afghanistan (1989-2001)
16. "The Gallery of  Dead Martyrs" (1997)
17. "The Mentally Ill of Russia " (2002-2004)
18. The last years of  life (2004-2011)
19. Epilogue
20. Afterword
21. Brief artistic biography

20. Postscriptum.

Two conversations.

  The first one.

      - Is there really no Godness of Mercy or Compassion in the extensive antique mythology?
      - No! It is not so! The classical antiquity was very cruel. There were subjects of Fate, Destiny, but not Virtues. It is proved, that Spartans threw from the rock the babies who were born defective or with deviations. The same tragic end was for the feeble old men. There were even Goddesses of rage - Irinei, Hecate... there was, however, Asklepy, God of Healing transporting souls of the dead through the river of Time...
      And the Compassion and Mercy - were brought to the world by Christianity. But it is impossible to say that it has won within 2000 years...

 The second one.

       - It is known that "initial thought" for the artist is his intuition. And how is that in science? There is an opinion that one succeeds in science who looks at the world by the "eyes of the artist".
      - There is knowledge in science. Knowledge excites curiosity – what is there behind the corner? What is there behind the other one? On the basis of the known - there is a search: what is there further? And here, of course, conducts a curiosity and intuition because it is impossible to calculate a way of search.

       - And Mendeleyev saw in dream his future Table of elements.... It means, that the conditions are creatively similar.
       - Not absolutely. It is known that Newton opened the Law of universal gravitation, at the moment when an apple fell on his head. And Archimedes - when he had nearly drown. The laws had already existed, objectively exist. And they simply opened them. No doubt, that if they hadn’t opened them, others would make that. There are cases of simultaneous discoveries in science by different people in the different countries.
       Well, and what is in the sphere of art… If there were no Leo Tolstoy there would be no "War and Peace".  

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