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Геннадий Добров
Artist Gennady Dobrov
(1937 - 2011)

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Аrtistic biography
1. Preface
2. Childhood
3. The artist in his own words
4. Moscow Secondary Art School (1951-1956)
5. Moscow V.I.Surikov Art Institute (1956-1962)
6. Life lessons (1962-1973)
7. The artist in his wife’s words
8. "Autographs of  War" (1974-1980)
9. The author’s point of view
10. The musings of the artist’s wife
11. Opinions

12. Painting (1980)
13. Perestroika (1986-1990)
14. The 90’s
15. Afghanistan (1989-2001)
16. "The Gallery of  Dead Martyrs" (1997)
17. "The Mentally Ill of Russia " (2002-2004)
18. The last years of  life (2004-2011)
19. Epilogue
20. Afterword
21. Brief artistic biography

5 . Surikov Art Institute (1956-1962)

"Urban Yard". Sketch. 50-s.

"A girl's profile." Oil on canvas. 1958

"Dinner at Aunt Feni." Sketch. 1960
      Troubles began on the 2nd course of picturesque faculty. Students wrote naked model. It was required to achieve dimensions, plasticity, the correct proportions. But it was difficult to Gennady to paint a detached lifeless portrait. He had already got used to create images, characters, types, psychology. On its canvas the model appeared with an expressive face and red lips. The teacher showed displeasure. But the student couldn't change to himself, couldn't adapt to requirements of the institute program. Over him "clouds" started to condense. And he accepted the offer to pass to graphics faculty.

On the boat Omsk-Salekhard.
 Photo of 1958

Etching. 1957

In northern Kazakhstan.
Photo 1960

      This transition was promoted also by visit of the ofortny circle directed by Matvei Alekseevich Dobrov, training at the beginning of the century in Paris. The warm attitude of the 80-year-old professor to the talented young man quickly developed into friendship. Professor pleased the thinnest etchings of the pupil. Matvei Alekseevich often invited Gennady to his home to look reproductions of the old masters, to listen to the classical music, to talk about art, artists, life. Sometimes the professor left  the room to the neighboring one with high racks and there, being kneeling, prayed.

Teacher M.A.Dobrov.
 Photograph of 1927

      Gennady  for the first time met the religious person, for the first time heard about the New Testament. Conversations with Matvei Alekseevich raised a great interest in religious and moral questions. He looked for the answers to these questions at Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, the Buddha, Confucius and other wise men, constantly filling up the home library with interesting books.  

. Vagankovskoe cemetery.
 On the grave of a teacher and a friend.
Photo 2008

     In April, 1958 Matvei Alekseevich, having caught a cold, suddenly died. Gennady took hard parting. He participated in a the funeral and in the ofortny way etched the plate with the life and death dates, established it on its grave. The grave of the favourite teacher on the Vagankovsky cemetery he visited until the end of life.
       Sofia Matveevna, daughter of M.A. Dobrov, knowing attachment of the father to Gennady,  gave him as keepsake the ancient family Gospel, working tools, books and the French ofortny machine. (Some years later she agreed to Gennady to change his surname Gladunov on Dobrov. The confusion of a surname Gladunov with Glazunov became the main reason for that.
      By east tradition pupils sometimes took surnames of the teachers who haven't left man's posterity).

      At institute the whole year is allocated for diploma preparation. For half a year before protection Gennady showed to the head E.A. Kibrik, 3 graphic works. The first sheet "Young Artist" surprised the venerable teacher. There were no questions to composition of the 1st plan and execution: on a shed roof before the opened etudnik sits (in a semi-profile) the barefoot snub-nosed fellow. He looks at a sunset, having forgotten both about the etude, and about a brush in his hand. Round provincial houses lodges old fences, the neighbor is working in the garden...  
      "And where is the Soviet reality?” - suddenly E.A. Kibrik dumbfounded a question. – "No, so it won't do at all. You descend, Gena, to the port. Look there are the cranes, the barges float  with posters "The first bread to the state! ". It has to become the second plan of drawing, instead of any remote place".

Professor E.A.Kibrik
      The second drawing represented the grandmother on post office, sending parcel to the beloved grandson in army. In an open box warm knitted socks, mittens, candies were visible. Ordinary sketch, many times seen on post office. "And tell me, Gena, why does she send all this? Aren’t our soldiers in the army  given out clothes? Or they badly feed them? No, I can't approve such contents in any way..."             
      Following advice of the authoritative instructor, Gennady changed all  the drawings. When he brought them again - Evgeny Adolfovich praised: "Now I am quite for your diploma".   
      But Gena couldn't calm down. "So where those facts of life for which the teacher on occupations calls? Unless I have no right to represent the home, favourite court yard in Omsk. And here port and barges which also isn't visible from our roof? " - he painfully thought. Some days the student went, crestfallen.
      "Means and it will be fated to follow me all life to advice of authorities? And where independence?"
      Gennady returned to initial sketches. Kibrik looked at them, but said nothing. But it appeared later, on the next teachers' meeting, the decision was made - not to allow the obstinate student to diploma defense. And nobody  reported him about that, they were afraid of a nervous breakdown. It was first "revolt" of future artist.

"Young Artist". Lithography. 1962

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